The Jupiter Horsemen’s Association Bylaws


(Taken from the Articles of Incorporation)

The purpose for which this Corporation is organized is to promote knowledge and skill in horsemanship, participate in public functions, parades, horsemanship contests and shows, and develop in the community the interest of the general public in the field of horsemanship, and by further provide for the members proper guides in the purchase sale care and breeding of horses.  




Section One


Officers shall be:  


Vice President



Candidates for office must have been a member of the association for one year prior to nomination.  The term of office for all officers shall be one(1) year. No officer shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office.  Except the office of Treasurer. The candidate for the office may serve more than two (2) consecutive terms if authorized by the board and voted in by the membership at the annual meeting.  


Section Two

The Board of Directors shall be composed of the four (4) officers plus the five (5) directors.  




Section One


The President shall preside at all meetings of the club and Board of Directors.  He/She may be the chief executive officer and an ex-officio, non voting member of all committees.  He/She may fill any vacancy in the Board of Directors with the approval of said board until the next annual meeting at which time a director shall be elected.  


Section Two


The Vice President shall assist the President and perform all the duties of the President in his/her absence or at His/Her request.   


Section Three


The Secretary shall keep records of all proceedings of the club and the Board of Directors.  He/she or their designee shall mail notices of all meetings and in general conduct the correspondence of the club.  He/she shall have custody of the Corporate Seal and, along with the President, shall sign all promissory notes, deeds of real estate, mortgages and other instruments as may be ordered by the Board of Directors.  


Section Four


The Treasurer shall keep accurate records of all financial business of the Association  He/She shall collect all money due the club and disburse the same pursuant to the contract and obligations of the club.  He/She shall submit financial reports at all regular meetings. He/She or their designee shall furnish the Secretary with a current and accurate list of members.  He/She shall sign and endorse, in the clubs name checks and drafts.  




Section One


The Board of Directors shall have the responsibility for the general management of the affairs and property of the club and shall make and enforce rules and regulations as they may deem necessary for such management.  They shall have the power to purchase or authorize purchase by others of all supplies or other personal property necessary for the proper operation or maintenance of the club. To employ and authorize the employment of personnel.  To authorize conveyance or mortgages of real estate (except that no real estate shall be purchased or disposed of without approval of two thirds of the membership); and in general shall have and execute all the powers of the corporation not inconsistent with these by-laws and the laws of the State of Florida.  


Section Two


The Board shall hold regular meetings at least once each quarter and special meetings can be held when called by  the President or any 3 members of the board upon 48 hour notice.  A majority of the Board must be present to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.  


Section Three


The Board shall arrange for an audit of the clubs books every two (2) years.  Audit to be done by an Audit Committee comprised of volunteers from the general membership.  


Section Four


The Board shall define the duties of all standing committees as well as other committees, which may be appointed.  The standing committees are Membership, Grievance and Events.  


Section Five


The Board of Directors shall recommend to the membership the amount of annual dues, any other assessments they deem necessary, and the times when said dues or assessments shall be paid.  Dues or assessments shall be set and approved by vote of two-thirds (⅔) of the membership present at the meeting.  


Section Six


The Grievance Committee will be appointed by the Board of Directors.  Its Chairman shall be a member of the Board.  It will receive any complaints in writing and will screen the complaints and attempt to solve the problems at that level.  Cases which the committee indicates may warrant disciplinary action will be passed on to the Board of Directors.  The Directors will review cases referred to them and may vote on any action.  Any disciplinary action may be appealed to the general membership.  


Section Seven 


No Officer or Director shall receive compensation/salary for his/her service as an Officer/Director. 


Section Eight


The Standing Committees shall consist of at least one (1) member each.  The Committee Chairman shall select the other members, all of whom shall be subject to the approval of the Directors.  Each Committee Chairman, or any other member who may serve in an appointed capacity when expenditures are required, shall present to the Board of Directors for approval all estimates of the expected expenditures and shall not exceed the amount approved unless so authorized by the Board.  


Section Nine


The Board of Directors shall recommend proposed capital expenditures to the membership at regular or special meetings.  


Section Ten


The legal agent of the club shall be the Secretary of the Board.




Section One


All Officers and members of the Board ( Board members term limit is 6 years and ballot elections will be held at annual meeting for any open Board positions) shall be elected by ballot at the annual meeting by those members in good standing qualified to vote and present in person, or who submit written proxy.  *See Revisions for detail 18/1


Voting may be completed digitally by a valid member in good standing and that vote counted in compliance with all other election and voting guidelines.  Voting accepted digitally will be accepted as a reply to digital communication therefore verifying that it came from intended recipient. (2 votes per family membership and 1 vote per individual membership) *See Revisions for detail 18/2


Section Two


At least six (6) weeks prior to the annual meeting, the Board of  Directors shall appoint a nominating committee of three (3) members at least one of whom shall be a retiring Board member.  The duty of this committee shall be to nominate and/or make known to the membership (at least two (2) weeks prior to the annual meeting a list of candidates and their office.  Said list of nominees will be will be sent to the members with the call for the annual meeting  


Section Three


Nominations shall be accepted from the floor at the annual meeting provided the candidate has consented prior to his/her nomination to serve on the board.  


Section Four


The number of nominees accepted to fill Board vacancies and who receive the greater number of votes shall be considered elected.  In the event of a tie, the tie shall be broken by a re-vote.  


Section Five


The retiring President shall become a non-voting ex-officio member of the Board of Directors for one (1) year.  Retiring President may be voted into another officer position or may retire to Board. 

 *See Revisions for detail 18/4


Section Six 


No two family members shall reside on the Board or in office during the same calendar year.  Effective April 2015/2016



Section One


Membership in the club shall consist of those, individual, Family and Junior members as designated below, so long as they comply with the by-laws, and the rules and regulations of the club.  Memberships expire on June 31st annually.  


Adult Individual Membership:

$20.00 Annually

Open to individuals eighteen (18) years of ange and over.  

This is a single voting membership.

Family Membership

$30.00 Annually

Open to one or two related adults residing together.  

Membership shall include the children (under 18 years of age) of such adults.  

This is a Two vote membership (family may be represented by one adult member of the family).


Junior Individual Membership

$20.00 Annually

Open to individuals under (18) years of age and (13) as of April 1 who are not included in a family membership.  

A special Junior membership application will be required and will include a legal release and the notarized signature of a parent or legal guardian.  

This is a single voting membership.


Mid-Year Half Price Memberships:

New members (this does not include renewing members who have not paid their dues for the present year) joining the club for the first time after January 1st of the present year will be charged half price for membership. 


Adult individual and Junior individual memberships


Benefits are the same as a full membership and expire the following June 31st. 


Family Memberships 


Benefits are the same as a full membership and expire the following June 31st.


Section Two

Any person who may desire to become a regular member shall submit an application from with the appropriate fees to the membership chairman.  


Section Three

All applications for new memberships to JHA must sign the Florida Equine Zero Liability Statute.  All members bringing equines to JHA events shall produce a current, negative EIA Coggins test for Equine Infectious Anemia (required by law).  Copies will not be accepted. It is the responsibility of each member to submit a current Coggins report to the Secretary every 12 calendar months.  No member’s horse may be pastured with positive EIA horses.  




Section One

A member whose dues are current is considered a member in good standing.  At least one member of each membership (but not necessarily the same adult member) should serve and participate on at least one event committee each year.  Events are from April 1st to March 31st.  


Section Two

The Board of Directors has the right to waive any of the above sanctions regarding members in good standing in unusual circumstances.  



Section One

Dues shall be due as of June 1st and shall be delinquent as of July 1st.  Members with delinquent dues will not be considered members in good standing.  They will be notified in writing at the address listed in the membership directory on July 15th requesting a reply within 30 days to remit or membership will be cancelled effective June 31.  




Section One

The fiscal and corporate year of the club shall be from the first day of April to the last day of March inclusive of each year.  




Section One

The annual meeting of the Association shall be held in March of each year and shall be attended only by members in good standing at the time and place of the Board of Directors shall direct.  Notice of such meeting shall be mailed by the Secretary or their designee at least two weeks prior to such date.

Section Two

Special meetings may be called by the President, the majority the majority of the Board of Directors or requested in writing by petition of 50% of the membership.  The Secretary or their designee shall mail notice in the same manner as for the annual meeting, clearly stating the purpose of the meeting.  


Section Three

At any annual, semi annual or special meeting of the association, those members present shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.  




The order of business at the club meetings shall be conducted by Roberts Rules of Order as follows:


  1. Roll Call of the Board and Officers
  2. Reading/Approval of the minutes of the last meeting and proof of correct notice.
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. President's Report
  5. Standing Committee Reports
  6. Special Committee Reports
  7. Unfinished Business/Introduction of new members
  8. New Business
  9. Election of Officers/Directors (Annual Meeting Only)
  10. Adjournment




Section One

The bylaws of the club may be repealed, supplemented or amended at any duly called annual, semi-annual or special meeting by an affirmative vote of two-thirds (⅔) of the members present in person or represented by written proxy.  Any meeting called for this purpose shall include the “Call for meeting” the subject to be considered for change or the change cannot be voted on.

*See Revisions for detail 18/3


Section Two

Notification of proposed changes must be presented in writing to the membership at least 14 days prior to the date of voting.      



  1. First Reading -  September 1980
  2. Second Reading - February1981
  3. Revised - March 1980
  4. Revised - March 21, 1982
  5. Revised - March 18, 1984
  6. Revised - March 17, 1985
  7. Revised - May 1987
  8. Revised - August 1988
  9. Revised - January 1989
  10. Revised - March 1990
  11. Revised - March 2,  1991
  12. Revised - March 10,  1991
  13. Revised  - June 1996
  14. Revised - March 2004
  15. Revised - June 2007
  16. Revised - March 2011
  17. Revised - March 2014
  18. Revised - February 28, 2020

February 28, 2020

Jupiter Horsemen’s Association

Board of Directors and Officers 

  1. The term of all board members is to be a period of 6 years.  Board members may be re-elected to consecutive terms. Should a board member fail to execute their position responsibly a quorum of two thirds may vote the board member out of office. A two thirds quorum is required to install a new Board member in the case of an in term vacancy due to removal or resignation.  Position is to be filled with expediency by a member with 1 year uninterrupted inforce membership. If no member with 1 year of membership is available board may vote in a qualified alternate with a 51% quorum.  


  1. Resignation by officer or board member may be tendered in writing either digitally, or by United States Postal Service 30 days prior to resignation date.


  1. Voting may be completed digitally by a valid member in good standing and that vote counted in compliance with all other election and voting guidelines.  Voting accepted digitally will be accepted as a reply to digital communication therefore verifying that it came from intended recipient. (2 votes per family membership and 1 vote per individual membership)


  1. By laws may be voted on and changed with a two thirds quorum of the Board and officers accounted for and these votes and may be counted as valid if presented digitally or via phone communication.  


  1. A retiring President may be voted into another officer position or may retire to Board as an ex-officio non voting member of the Board of Directors.